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I love to work in English, even it is not my mother-language, it works out fine!

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Dr. Silvia Anna Bernhuber- Sanandarhea / Psychotherapist for Psychodrama
mobile: #43-650-4793886 - www.sanandarhea.at - contact@sanandarhea.at

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What do I offer?

Conversation - Relaxation - Psychodrama – Constellation work

To help you find clarity and your true intent, to lead you into your innermost deepest space of yourself,
to help you open up to your connection with your soul, to get the answers you are looking for,
to support your self-healing energies, to gain empowerment and completeness.

What can you book?

Psychotherapy - Coaching - Supervision - Inner Journeys

one-to-one sessions, also at phone or skype, sessions for couples and group-seminars, workshops.

Extras to evolve consciousness, self-reflection and ability of relaxation: Training in Indigenous Healing- Techniques of the Mexican Toltecian Tradition
Sweat Lodges (only with prvate invitation) to deepen the inner process and work through your fears

With whom I work?

women and men from 14 to high age...
with themes of relation, work, family, spirituality
for orientation, letting go, acceptance, transformation
in crisis, depression, with anxiety, psychosomatic symptoms and so on.

What is Psychodrama?

Psychodrama was found by Jacob Levi Moreno. It works by being in the moment and recreating old life-situations which caused to pain or blockades or creating coming situations which you fear of. It transforms them into openness to life and being again in true relations with others, to have the courage to feel emotions and get through to the other side... the side of receiving life with open heart, being in the power of love, peace and connection.
Constellation Work, Role Playing, Sculpture Techniques and much more are used in this method for finding back in the abundance of your own and life, for acting freely in all needed roles without the masks of your Ego. Seeing through the game of life, is leading us to play it with joy and lightness coming from the heart and with a clear mind.
J.L.Moreno (1889-1974) was a medical doctor born in a Jewish family in Rumania, living then in Austria before he moved to USA. He was thinking in an holistic way. He was fascinated from the role-play of children, the spontaneous theatre and had a strong spiritual background, which he all integrated in his work. He gave important impulses to Sociology and the beginning of Group- Therapy.

How I work including indigenous techniques?

I give impulses to your system with words, through my presence,
I hold the space for you,
to help you get through the resistance of your ego, to let it go a little more
so that blockades pass by more easily and shift your structures into a healthy state.
I lead you into Inner Journeys accomplished with silence, singing and drumming.
It strengthens your believe in your intuition, your wisdom,
to support your mind to accept the truth- which your soul knows anyway.

This is all-
yes and humour, a little bit of movement, toning, talking
and listening to you– honour your being.

I open up for a force, that is bigger than you or me,
that flows through me to you, that flows to you directly,
a clear presence of mine helps you to receive that which is intended by you-
that is all.

All knowledge is already inside you and always has been,
you do not lack anything, you are whole, complete.
It is only to remember, to see it clearly again,
what you know already deep inside and always knew.
You can reconnect to the stream of universal knowledge,
to your inner wisdom, which is stored in your genes, in the matrix of universe.

What is the effect?

You are able to change and achieve, what you wished for more easily, have more understanding
and you feel much more free and clear in life, the inner forces to heal got activated.
People feel mostly happy and calm after a session. It can come to an aggravation as a "first-reaction" by activating deep hidden themes, this passes by and is normally a good sign... also worth to be welcomed like all of You!

My background

Born in 1968, living in Vienna, two children.

Medical degree 1998
since 1998 Psychotherapist
1991-1997 training in Psychodrama Therapy,
permanent further training in different psychotherapy methods is standard for us psychotherapists,
one of my last favourits in the last years has been Chuck Spezzano

4-year training in the Mexican Healing- Techniques of Toltecian Tradition,
over 10-year experience in the Healing-Tradition of the Peruvian Amazon- tribe of the Shibipo- Conibo,
different seminars over twenty years for further training and for fun and more
like dance, Yoga, Overtone singing, Sweat Lodge Ceremonies
and a lot of books.

Joyousness from Heart
Group-Evenings on Monday or Wednesday 19:00 to 21:30 about one time a month!
2018: 28.5.
Always feel welcomed at this group and free to come! I also can work in English there and it is a lot without words!!!!
We are working on different levels of consciousness, defining a clear intention at the beginning and reflecting about the experienced things at the end. Toning, intuitive singing, drumming, deep relaxation, movement, Inner Journey. There is also one-to-one work in the group-setting!! Take a look!
costs: €33.-/evening

Light of Consciousness
self-refelcting- therapeutic group in German! If there is interest for this in English, please let me know!
We work on Monday evenings 18:00- 21:00 about once a month with all your themes on different levels- with words, Psychodrama-Constellation-Work and with Deep-Level-Relaxation, opening up for the pics of your Inner Stage, reflecting them together or acting them out on a real stage and getting answers to your questions! Connected to our highest source we find into transformation, development, increase of confidence, healthy relations, clarity on al levels!!!
2018: 9.4., 14.5., 11.6.
costs: 66 €/

Vision of your Life
In this training group we will work with the Mexican Healing- techniques of the Toltecian Tradition.
We will
  • move in clear defined structures, dance freely and sing some mantras to warm up for our structured experiences in silence,
  • reconnect to our intuition, the highest levels of consciousness and outer worlds
  • learn to know our selves, our body in an holistic way and the essence of universe
  • Doing this training together with others, a community naturally builds up, so we will have more fun and insights, gain more power by being deeply grounded in this world and strongly connected to our highest source!

    I mostly work in German, but if there is interest and need, we could also work in English or with an English translation! There are not so many words in this work...;)
    Come and see for yourself on Mondays from 18:00 till around 21:00!
    2018 follows
    costs: €66 for 180 minutes

    Journey to Peru 14 days together in the Amzonian rainforests: We will visit an healing- centre in the rain-forest about 10 days and work with healers there in ceremonies during the night. I will guide your processes in group- meetings during the day, optional we will also spend 4 days in the primary rain-forest to experience wild nature.
    next trip to Peru end of October 2018